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Top 5 Things i learned from my Graduation Project

Life is a set of experiences that you learn day by day,  in this post i will share top 5 things i learned from my Graduation Project:

1) Choose your Graduation Project team very well:  this is the most important step in my humble opinion, never choose your friends with no skills because they are just  your friends, this will affect the team badly!, it is likely you are pushing a car, would it be easy if only 3 of 5 person are pushing it rather than 5 persons ?

2) I learned how to read scientific papers:  before starting my graduation project each time i open a scientific paper,  the first thing that comes up to my mind (WTH is this ?!) , i learned that understanding scientific paper very well, may take months, i learned that each paper doesn’t explain everything, just headlines and to read references for more details.

3)Long-Term project:  through our college projects we didn’t spend a long time on any project, most of projects were small ones that takes max 3 weeks, so it was a new experience to work on a project for  a whole academic year, in the beginning you feel very ambitious, in the middle it is likely you will say ” i wish to finish this project today before tomorrow”, and when the project is done,  you will be amazed by the results and amount of work you have done.

4) Apply the Damn Theory : during my studies in college, i have always loved practical courses, always hated theoretical stuff!, i think the top reason why i hated theoretical stuff was that we don’t apply most of  it !, i didn’t see most of it in action !, in my graduation project i had to read so many scientific papers with tons of equation and apply & implement them in our project.

5) Time to Apply for a Master’s : before starting my graduation project, i never thought about doing a Master’s in Computer Science, i learned a lot and got more interested in another fields and now i have more passion to learn more about these fields, if you are willing to do your Master’s in another university or with a different professor, your Graduation project will be a great plus in your CV.

Now, how about you?!, what did you learn from your Graduation project?