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Android System Architecture

I recently started learning developing applications for android OS , i liked it much however developing applications for android is kinda different from what we used to , you must be aware of Android System Architecture, so you can develop powerful applications,  let’s start with this Diagram that Explains the Levels of Android System Architecture:

There is 4 levels of android architecture , let’s start with Level #1:

Level #1: Linux Kernel :

Android uses Linux as a hardware abstraction layer and use the powerful of Linux kernel and the wide range of hardware drivers it supports, android uses Linux also for memory management , Networking , managing processes, however you programs will not make Linux calls directly , you always use the Dalvik(Android Virtual Machine).

Level #2 :  Native Libraries & Android Runtime:

Native Libraries :

these libraries are written in C/C++ already compiled and preinstalled by vendor for particular hardware abstraction, there is alot of important native libraries such as :

Surface Manager: Android uses a compositing window manager similar to Vista or Compiz, but it’s much simpler. Instead of drawingdirectly to the screen buffer, your drawing commands go into off-screen bitmaps that are then combined with other bitmaps to form the display the user sees. This lets the system create all sorts of interesting effects such as see-through windows and fancy
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