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My Notes on OCPJP(SCJP) – Chapter 1


I’m Currently Preparing for OCPJP (SCJP) Exam and i thought it might be useful to post my Notes on every chapter of  Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates book  “SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam 310-065” , you can not study from these notes, you must read every chapter from the book, these notes for everyone who wants to make a quick review on every chapter, i will post 10 posts (1 post/chapter),and here is the first Chapter of the Series,

Chapter 1: Declarations and Access Control

Instance Variables: Variables defined inside a class that each Object have a copy of it.

There is Three Types of Identifiers :

1) Legal Identifiers:

a) Starts with $,_,Letters but can’t start with a Number, after the first letter we   can add Number to Identifier.

b)They are Case-Sensitive.

c) No limit to Number of Characters an identifier can Contain.

2) Sun Code Conventions:

a) with Classes /Interfaces: class Name Must Start with a Capital Letter.

b) with Functions/Methods:  method name must start with a small letter.

c) with variables : same as methods must start with a small letter.

d) with Constants: all Constant Characters Must be CAPITAL.

3) Java Beans Standards :

a) Functions that doesn’t return boolean called Getters and must start with get for example : getSize()

b) Functions that return Boolean may start with is/get but “is” is perfered isValid()

c) Function that set values must start with set called Setters setSize()

d) Setters Must be Void and Accept Parameters. Continue reading